Heart Centered Healing, Heart Centered Living

Intuitive Guidance for Creatives and Performing Artists

With Abby Seible


Hello! I'm Abby.

I'm a professional singer, voice teacher, intuitive guide, and energy healer. I taught voice privately for about fifteen years, but fairly early on, I realized that my approach to working with singers was very unique.

Through my own process of healing and growing, it became clear to me that I had intuitive abilities that were playing a huge part in my students' progress, both singing-wise and personally. I could somehow sense what was going on with them energetically and where in their life healing was necessary for them to move forward. Although I was certainly able to help singers from a technical standpoint, it was apparent that their vocal growth was happening more as a result of the energetic healing that was taking place as opposed to basic vocal technique.

Little did I know that I'd been unintentionally practicing and honing my intuitive gifts for all those years, and they now serve as the foundation of my work. I love to see people grow. I love to see the light come back into their eyes and witness the energetic weight lifting from their shoulders, ultimately enabling them and empowering them to step into their lives with more intention and with more heart. When we live from the heartspace, all the "things" in our life tend to reflect that back to us. Being able to help people do that is everything to me. 🙂

I support and help Performing Artists and other Creatives move out of their stuckness or plateaus, both professionally and personally.

Through our work together, I intuitively tap into the energetic issues that are not serving your highest good. The end goal is not only for you to feel fulfilled and successful in your relationships and career, but also to hone your own natural intuitive abilities to help guide you through the rest of your life.

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