“Our true power lies in the willingness to resign to the natural unfolding of things.

Bow to nature and we hear what needs to be heard, move what needs to be moved, live what needs to be lived.

When we practice this habit of allowing what is, we eventually come to the true experience of Spirit, boundless, walking side by side with our humanness rather than being absorbed by it.”

My strange, long story made relatively short...

I’ve been trying for weeks to write about how I got to where I am today, but that’s a book. This is just my website. I’ll write the book later. So, here you go!

  • Only child
  • Musician/Teacher parents
  • The King Singers
  • Singing, Singing, Singing
  • High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, TX
  • Joni Mitchell, Harry Connick Jr., Barbra Streisand, Jazz
  • Art songs and musical theatre
  • Eastman School of Music – Bachelors in Vocal Performance
  • Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life
  • Basically aimless, no aspirations
  • Taught voice lessons
  • Sang with Houston Grand Opera Chorus
  • Moved to NYC
  • Still didn’t know what I wanted to do
  • Random jobs where people basically paid me because they liked having me around (seriously)
  • Writing. Lots of writing.
  • Walking. Lots of walking.
  • Ryan Gosling looked at me.
  • Reading about Mindfulness
  • Elizabeth and the Catapult (NYC band)
  • Dabbled with meditation
  • Yogaaaaaaaaaa
  • Loving NYC
  • Not loving NYC
  • Leaving NYC
  • Teaching in Houston again
  • False sense of knowing what I wanted to do
  • Singing here and there
  • Yogaaaaaaaaa
  • Good choices and bad choices
  • Breathing. Lots of breathing.
  • CATS.
  • Strange stint of teaching middle school which was insane, sometimes rewarding, but ultimately suffocating
  • Return to HSPVA Theatre Department as vocal coach, music director, and yoga teacher
  • Learned a LOT about myself
  • Meditation. (For real this time)
  • Reiki (a Japanese form of energy healing)
  • Discovered and honed my intuitive and healing gifts
  • Anxiety, Depression, Other acute episodes of mental illness
  • Dark night of the soul/Awakening (which lasted a solid two years)
  • Finally began to become clear about my true calling.
  • Learned to stand my ground. Create healthy boundaries, and not be so fucking nice all the time.

Color photos: Tarini Menezes, Yoga Educator | @mumbaiyogi
Black and white photo: Mehak Sethi, Photographer | @intrepidframes


While I do have a much clearer picture now of my place in the world, I can feel that it’s going to be something that continues to shift with time. But I know that I’m here to help people.

I’m here to help people learn how to listen to themselves in such a way that enables them to live their most authentic life possible. I’m here to help people understand that we are not meant to suffer through this life; we are simply meant to grow into the fullest expression of ourselves. Can we step into true awareness of self and of this moment and truly appreciate its gift? And even when we feel resistance to the rawness of the moment, can we appreciate the gift of simply being here to feel it?

Thanks for coming along with me on my journey.
I'd love to be a part of yours.