“Dear Abby, thank you so much for guiding me back into my own being, my center. Reminding me of who I am. Relaxing in more stillness. The energy shift was powerful and your words and guidance helped me to go deep. You gave me keys that helped to unlock doors! Your grounded nature and connection to higher realms helped me to find answers and move forward on my journey with more trust. Grateful for you and your gifts. I mean every word. It really was a profound shift.”

If you’re looking for support, transformation, clarity, relaxation, trust… Abby is the woman to be with. She knows to ask the right questions, helping me dive into finding my own answers. Her super power intuition unlocks treasures of information and pinpoints precisely that which is alive in me and ready to be revealed. She holds space like no other with her gentle presence. The conversation feels like I’m with a close friend who truly sees you, listens deeply, offers her intuitive insights and guiding messages helping to gain more clarity and wisdom. At the end of the ride, I leave with a great sense of trust. Much love and gratitude!"

Magali Van Ballaer

"Working with Abby at a difficult moment in my life was exactly what I needed. Her expert intuition, naturalness, and incredibly empathetic nature were apparent from the first moment, and comforted me immediately. I gained clarity from an almost bird's eye view of my life, which especially throughout the pandemic has been extremely difficult to find. There are not many people who can understand the struggles of a creative profession from the inside, but I found a wonderful advocate in Abby."

Opera Singer

“I love working with Abby Seible!

Her psychic abilities and natural instincts lead me to the exact right place to make positive changes in my life. BIG positive changes!

She is so soft spoken and waits for Spirit to guide her to say the right things to guide me...

First I will tell her things that are going on that I need help with. Then – last time I worked with her she added something that I didn’t even know I needed and wanted very much. And it is totally happening!”

Music Director

"Abby was introduced to me by a dear mutual friend. Even though thousands of kilometers separate us and we had to e-meet via Zoom, the connection was immediate and she has been so very helpful in assisting me as I work through some personal stuff which has been wearing me down for some time. I recommend Abby without a hesitation if you are facing a situation where you need external support, which can’t necessarily be explained in a rational way. She is an excellent listener and feels strongly with you. Her approach was unusual for me at first, but I quickly realized how it would help me work on the issues I am currently facing."

Victoria L.

"I've had two sessions with Abby Seible, and they've been nothing short of life-affirming. Abby is centered in the breath - there is so much to be learned from the breath! But more than that, Abby is centered in what our roots are tethered to as much as what our branches are reaching for.

The most important thing that I learned from Abby, and what has become my mantra since working with her: 'You cannot miss YOUR boat. You're already on your boat.' Now I can finally get to work steering it!"

Opera Singer/Voice Teacher

"Each time I’ve worked with Abby, something profound has shifted. Her warmth, openness, and loving kindness makes it easy to trust her to guide you along what can be quite a vulnerable path. She takes time to choose her words carefully, and always seems to know when to say what you need to hear – even if you don’t realize you need to or are ready for it.

She’s helped me to gain insight, to accept, to shift energies, and to become grounded in myself. All from thousands of miles away. I’ve wholeheartedly recommended Abby to many friends, and each of them has thanked me profusely for introducing them to her. This is the most genuine kind of recommendation one could hope for."

Creative Director

"Working with Abby was an excellent complement to my own spiritual practices. She brings a warmth and calm that contributed to our natural rapport. Together, we were able to create vivid visualizations that walked me through the energy and emotions that I had been recently experiencing. These images are definitely helpful to me as I continue to meditate and journal!"

Private Voice Instructor